Kelty Backpack Rain Cover

Briar Maynard
19 min readMar 25, 2024

Introducing the Kelty Backpack Rain Cover, the ultimate solution for rainy days on the go. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or simply running errands, this versatile rain cover keeps your gear and belongings safe and dry. In this roundup article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best Kelty Backpack Rain Cover models on the market and help you make an informed decision on the perfect one for your needs.

The Top 13 Best Kelty Backpack Rain Cover

  1. Mountainsmith Rain Cover: Protect Your Gear with Versatile Sizing — The Mountainsmith Rain Cover provides durable, weatherproof protection for backpacks of varying sizes, with an integrated stuff sack and an angled cord attachment point for easy use and storage.
  2. Waterproof Backpack Raincover for Outdoor Adventures — Stay dry on rainy trails with the Gregory Raincover, combining waterproof protection, a drawcord closure, and a bottom drain hole for optimal comfort and convenience.
  3. Lightweight, Waterproof Kelty Raincover for Backpacks — XL Size — Stay dry in any storm with the lightweight, fully waterproof Kelty Raincover — XL, designed for 80–105 liter backpacks and featuring an easy and secure fit.
  4. Universal Fit Badlands Approach Camo Rain Cover — Protect your Badlands Packs with the Badlands Rain Cover, an ultra-lightweight and stretchable universal fit that promises durability and a stuff sack included, perfect for all your outdoor adventures.
  5. Kelty Backpack Rain Cover: Granite Gear Storm Cell Pack Fly — Stay dry and covered in the Granite Gear Storm Cell Pack Fly — a durable waterproof rain cover for backpacks made from nylon and equipped with bungee and cord lock for easy attachment.
  6. Waterproof Backpack Cover for Outdoor Trips — Stay dry during outdoor adventures with the Ferrino Cover 0 Waterproof Backpack Cover for trekking, featuring a durable polyester ripstop material and suitable for backpacks up to 30 liters.
  7. Secure and Waterproof F-Stop Mountain Series Backpack Rain Cover — Stay dry and protected with the F-Stop Large Rain Cover, specifically designed to perfectly integrate with F-Stop’s Mountain Series, Loka UL, and Kashmir UL packs, ensuring a secure fit and added water defense for all your adventures.
  8. 100L Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover for Hiking and Travel — Stay dry and protected in all weather conditions with the high-quality 100L Kelty Backpack Rain Cover, perfect for hiking, camping, and travel.
  9. Kelty Backpack Rain Cover for All Mountain Adventures — Stay dry in any weather with F-Stop’s Small Rain Cover, providing waterproof protection for your Guru or Kenti Mountain Series backpack, featuring secure attachment points for hassle-free use.
  10. Universal Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover by PGYTECH — Protect your PGYTECH OneMo 25L Backpack from the elements with the waterproof and elastic 25L Backpack Rain Cover, featuring a roll-up and tie design, a convenient post-rain drainage hole, and an included soft pouch for easy storage.
  11. Kelty Backpack Rain Cover with Compact Design — Keeping your backpacks dry and protected, the Horn Hunter Hydro Shell Storm Backpack Cover is a lightweight, compact, and welded taped solution, folding into its own pouch for easy storage and boasting a large open design with elastic cord closure.
  12. Waterproof Commuter Backpack Cover — Stay dry and protected with the Kelty Backpack Rain Cover, a lightweight and 100% waterproof solution for your urban adventures.
  13. Large Backpack Rain Cover for Outdoor Adventures — The Brandit Rain L Black is a durable, heavy-duty backpack rain cover, designed to effectively shield the contents of large backpacks from rain and dirt, offering optimal protection for US Cooper backpacks and other backpacks up to 50 liters.

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Mountainsmith Rain Cover: Protect Your Gear with Versatile Sizing


I often embark on adventures in the outdoors, and nothing dampens the spirit of exploration quite like getting caught in a sudden downpour. During a recent hiking trip to the mountains, I found myself caught unawares in such a situation — with my belongings soaking wet by the time I reached the campsite. Frustrated by my lack of preparation, I searched high and low for a reliable and durable rain cover that would protect not only my gear but also my tent. That’s when I decided to give the Mountainsmith Rain Cover a try.

Upon receiving it in the mail, I immediately realized this was more than just a simple piece of gear. It boasts full circumference draw cords, angled cord attachment points, and an integrated stuff sack, all wrapped up in a package that’s designed to cater to various sizes of backpacks. I also appreciated its lightweight construction, which made it an easy carry-along for treks that required minimal load.

During my first hiking trip with the Mountainsmith Rain Cover, the heavens opened up in a way they rarely do during the best hiking seasons. I was soon drenched to the bone, but I couldn’t help but notice the cover did an excellent job of keeping my pack and camping gear at the summit — dry and cozy despite the pouring rain.

There was no sign of leakage, beadwater formation, or any compromises in terms of durability. In fact, the material used was much stronger than I had anticipated — its weatherproof 70D ripstop nylon gave it an air of resilience that made me confident in its performance even in the harshest outdoor conditions.

As a bonus addition to my outdoor adventure experience, I found the integrated stuff pouch to be a practical and convenient feature — one I could stow away the rain cover in when it wasn’t being used. This saved me the trouble of searching for a separate storage compartment, especially during the trips when I had to carry a multitude of gear.

However, this product review does not exist without its fair share of feedback. While the size options were a positive highlight of the Mountainsmith Rain Cover, some users, including myself, found it to be unnecessarily roomy, especially when the contents filled the bag to the brim. This may have led to some extra weight on the trail, something one tends to prioritize when backpacking.

Additionally, I noticed that the attachment mechanism could be a bit unwieldy when trying to cinch the cover around the backpack. This required a bit more finesse than I had initially anticipated, which required the extra seconds and, let’s face it, the extra patience.

Nevertheless, after the thrills it delivered in keeping my belongings dry throughout the numerous trails, treks, and hiking trips, the Mountainsmith Rain Cover has earned a well-deserved space in my gear bag. And despite a couple of quibbles I have with it, I find the value it brings significantly outweighs the occasional challenges that may come with navigating its attachment mechanisms. So, for anyone looking for a reliable companion for outdoor adventures, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Mountainsmith Rain Cover — a tried and tested shield against the elements that has proven itself on countless trails and treks under my wing.

Waterproof Backpack Raincover for Outdoor Adventures


I recently had the chance to try out the Gregory Raincover for my backpack, and I must say, it’s now become an essential part of my trail gear. This 70D waterproof polyester raincover is expertly seam-taped to ensure maximum protection from the elements, and it packs down small, making it a convenient accessory for any adventure.

One of the most notable features of this raincover is its adjustable elastic drawcord, which has hipbelt loops and an adjustable hook closer that clasps above the pack’s harnesses. This makes it easy to secure and fit it to my backpack. The bottom drain hole is a fantastic addition, preventing excess moisture from pooling and ensuring my gear stays dry.

While I haven’t experienced heavy rainfall using this raincover, the light mist trail I encountered during a recent hike didn’t seem to bother it at all. The polyester ripstop fabric contains 40% recycled material and is reinforced with a silicon coating, giving it the durability it needs to withstand rough outdoor conditions.

However, I do have one suggestion for the Gregory team. While the raincover fits snugly around my backpack, I think it would be even more secure with a built-in attachment system. This way, I can have peace of mind knowing my raincover is securely fastened to my pack, even during the most challenging weather conditions.

Overall, the Gregory Raincover has proven to be a reliable and lightweight solution for keeping my pack and gear protected from the elements. Its stylish design, adjustable fit, and excellent waterproofing make it a must-have for any backpacking enthusiast.

Lightweight, Waterproof Kelty Raincover for Backpacks — XL Size


I recently stumbled upon the Kelty Raincover XL while I was getting my gear ready for a hike. The waterproof fabric with C0 DWR technology made me confident that my back would stay dry no matter the weather. With its fully wrapped elastic cinch, a hip belt attachment loop, and an integrated stuff pocket for easy transportation, it was a game-changer.

The lightweight and durable fabrics made this raincover an essential companion during my outdoor adventures. However, it had its flaws — sometimes the coverage wasn’t as seamless as I’d hoped, and a few people mentioned that there were no drain holes in the bottom, which could lead to puddling in heavy rains.

Overall, I found this Kelty raincover to be a trusty companion, even if there were a couple of areas that needed some tweaking. Despite its minor flaws, the pros definitely outweighed the cons for me, and I’ll be looking forward to using it on my future hikes!

Universal Fit Badlands Approach Camo Rain Cover


As an outdoor enthusiast, I know how crucial it is to have reliable gear. The Badlands Rain Cover is one such item that I’ve come to depend on. With its universal fit and compact design, it’s always a lifesaver when an unexpected downpour hits.

The cover’s durability and lightweight nature are true highlights. It’s made me confident that my pack and belongings will stay dry even in the wettest conditions. The stuff sack included with the cover is convenient, allowing for easy storage when not in use.

However, one potential downside is the limited availability of the product in specific patterns. As a result, those preferring different camo patterns may need to adapt. Overall, though, the Badlands Rain Cover is a top-notch accessory that has become indispensable to my outdoor adventures.

Kelty Backpack Rain Cover: Granite Gear Storm Cell Pack Fly


Imagine being out in the rain, your backpack full of gear you can’t afford to get wet. And let’s say, you have one of these Granite Gear Storm Cell Pack Fli’s on. It’s like a superhero in a rainstorm, saving your gear from getting soaked.

The first thing you’ll notice is its durability. It’s constructed with a sturdy Nylon fabric that can withstand some serious puddles. This makes it perfect for those unpredictable showers you might encounter on a hike.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s effortless to put on, but once you figure out the technique, it’s a breeze. The bungee and cord lock system ensure it stays in place, unlike other rain covers I’ve tried. Once the storm has passed and you’ve gotten your gear back, it’s easy to shake it out and store it back in its included sewn-on stuff sack.

A potential downside is that it can add a bit of weight to your pack, but let’s be real, you’re not hiking in the rain to save on weight, right? It’s also not the cheapest option out there, but you get what you pay for, and this little guy is built to last.

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable and protective addition to your backpack, the Granite Gear Storm Cell Pack Fly is a solid choice. Just be prepared to sacrifice a bit of space and a few extra ounces for its superior waterproofing capabilities.

Waterproof Backpack Cover for Outdoor Trips


Hiking on a rainy day, I couldn’t help but appreciate my trusty Ferrino Cover. It did a fantastic job of shielding my 30-liter backpack, keeping the contents dry and safe from the elements.

The elastic adjustment strap was a game-changer, ensuring a perfect fit on my bag. Reflective details also made things safer by illuminating the cover in the dark. However, the waterproof polyester ripstop material was a mixed bag for me.

Though it prevented my backpack from getting soaked, it added bulkiness that I didn’t want. Despite my experience, it’s perfect for someone who needs the extra insulation. Would I recommend it? .

Absolutely — it’s a must-have for anyone planning to explore the great outdoors! .

Secure and Waterproof F-Stop Mountain Series Backpack Rain Cover


The F-Stop Rain Cover is a must-have accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. I recently used it during a hike in the pouring rain, and it truly did the job. The waterproof fabric and polyurethane coating kept my backpack and camera gear safe and dry throughout the trek. The attachment points on the pack also made it easy to secure the cover while on the go.

The rain cover is compatible with F-Stop’s Mountain Series, Loka UL, and Kashmir UL packs, which is a great feature. However, one downside was the black lettering on the black cover, making it a little difficult to spot when I needed it.

Overall, I highly recommend the F-Stop Rain Cover for anyone looking to protect their backpack from the elements. It’s a reliable accessory that works seamlessly with F-Stop’s line of backpacks.

100L Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover for Hiking and Travel


I recently started using the Kelty Backpack Rain Cover when I went hiking in a pouring down rain. Let me tell you, I was soaked before I ever got to the campsite with my regular backpack. But this rain cover was a game changer! It protected my 100L backpack from the water and dust, keeping everything inside dry and safe.

One day, I left my backpack unzipped when I went to help someone nearby. To my disbelief, the rain stopped pouring, and the sky cleared up just as fast. I grabbed my backpack, and to my delight, it was completely dry inside! The waterproof bag worked like a charm. However, I realized that it wasn’t as easy to put on and off as I would have liked — it took a bit more effort than I expected.

Overall, I was impressed with the Kelty Backpack Rain Cover’s functionality and how it kept my belongings safe from the elements. It’s a great companion for hiking, camping, and any travel that might require protection from the rain or dust. Despite the slight hassle of putting it on and off, the pros definitely outweigh the cons for me.

Kelty Backpack Rain Cover for All Mountain Adventures


During my daily hikes, I found the F-Stop Rain Cover an indispensable companion to protect my backpack from unexpected rain showers. The waterproof fabric and polyurethane coating ensure that my belongings stay dry, even in the wettest conditions.

One memorable time, I encountered sudden heavy rain on a mountain trail. I quickly deployed the F-Stop Rain Cover onto my backpack, securing it using the provided attachment points. Despite the pounding rain, my bag stayed dry and protected under the robust Rain Cover.

Another convenient feature is the compact size. When not in use, it folds neatly into a small package, making it easy to store in my car or backpack.

In terms of compatibility, the F-Stop Rain Cover works seamlessly with Guru and Kenti Mountain series of backpacks, which makes it a versatile addition to my outdoor gear collection.

Though it’s lightweight and convenient, the Rain Cover could benefit from a few improvements. Firstly, the seams on the fabric could be more secure to prevent any leaks, and secondly, a more snug fit around the backpack could ensure a better waterproof seal.

Overall, the F-Stop Rain Cover successfully accomplished its primary function of keeping my gear dry during my outdoor adventures.

Universal Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover by PGYTECH


I had the chance to use this PGYTECH Backpack Rain Cover for my recent hiking trip. The elastic design of the cover made it perfect to fit my 25L backpack.

The waterproof feature was a game-changer, as the backpack stayed completely dry despite the heavy downpour. The cover rolls up quickly and easily into its own small, soft pouch. I appreciated being able to secure the pouch to the exterior of my backpack so it was always ready.

One minor issue was that the pouch had a drainage hole, and at times it seemed a bit too generous, allowing a bit of water to leak back into the cover after rains. However, overall, this easy-to-use rain cover was a lifesaver on my outdoor adventure.

Kelty Backpack Rain Cover with Compact Design


Last year, I started using the Horn Hunter Hydro Shell Storm Backpack Cover and it’s been an absolute game-changer for me. When I’m on the go, this lightweight and compact cover protects my backpack from rain and keeps my belongings dry, no matter the weather. It easily folds up into its own pouch, making it so convenient to carry with me.

One of my favorite features is the large open design that accommodates packs of various sizes, ensuring that this cover always fits securely. And, the elastic cord closure provides maximum coverage, so no water gets through.

It’s been a lifesaver and a must-have accessory for any adventurer like me.

Waterproof Commuter Backpack Cover


As a busy urbanite, I always carry a lot of important documents and gadgets with me that I can’t afford to get wet. The Kelty Backpack Rain Cover has become my go-to solution when unexpected showers catch me off guard.

The cover fits perfectly over my Urban21 bag, making it absolutely waterproof. No more worries about soggy laptops or soaked smartphones — the Kelty rain cover keeps my belongings safe and dry, no matter how heavy the rain.

But the convenience doesn’t stop at waterproofing. The cover is compact and lightweight, so it hardly takes any space in my bag when not in use. It’s like having an invisible shield that only pops out when I need it most.

One thing I noticed, though, is that the anti-theft zipper is a bit difficult to use if you’re in a hurry. But overall, the Kelty Backpack Rain Cover offers great protection for my valuable items. So, whether it’s work or play, I’m always prepared to face the occasional rain shower without a care.

Large Backpack Rain Cover for Outdoor Adventures


As a backpack enthusiast, I’ve tried my fair share of rain covers for my bags. The Brandit Rain L Black cover stood out among them due to its durable and weather-resistant material. It kept my backpack dry and clean, even in the heaviest downpours. The elastic band was a thoughtful feature that kept the cover in place, protecting the contents of my bag.

One downside I encountered was that while the cover works well with larger backpacks, it had a more challenging time fitting smaller ones. Another minor issue was the need for an additional fastening mechanism to ensure a snug fit, especially on smaller backpacks.

Overall, the Brandit Rain L Black cover is a reliable and functional product for protecting your backpacks from the rain. Its high-quality coating and robust material make it a worthwhile investment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Kelty backpack rain covers. This section will help you understand the key features that make these rain covers an essential piece of gear for all your backpacking adventures. We’ll explore essential considerations when purchasing a rain cover and provide general advice to ensure you choose the best one for your needs.


Important Features to Consider

When shopping for a Kelty backpack rain cover, there are several important features to look for. These include:

  1. Compatibility with the size and type of your backpack, 2) Durability and waterproofing materials, 3) Ease of use and security, and 4) Portability and storage options. By considering these aspects, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that meets your backpacking requirements.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

To make the most of your investment, it’s essential to consider the following factors before buying a Kelty backpack rain cover:

  1. Your budget, 2) The climate and conditions you’ll be backpacking in, 3) The volume of your backpack and the amount of gear you need to protect, and 4) Your personal preferences and priorities.

General Advice on Purchasing and Using a Rain Cover

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Kelty backpack rain cover:

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the rain cover, 2) Practice setting up the rain cover before heading out on your backpacking trip, 3) Consider investing in an extra rain cover if you’re a frequent backpacker, and 4) Always check the rain cover for signs of wear and tear before each trip.

A Kelty backpack rain cover is a vital piece of gear for any backpacking enthusiast. By understanding the key features, essential considerations, and following our general advice, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best rain cover for your adventures. Happy backpacking! 🚀🏕️🐍️🌈🐘🌳🌲



What is the purpose of a backpack rain cover?

A backpack rain cover is primarily designed to protect your backpack from rain, water, and snow. It acts as a barrier between your bag and the elements, keeping your belongings dry and secure. This is especially important for outdoor adventurers and hikers, as it ensures their gear stays safe and functional;

It also makes it more comfortable to carry a wet backpack, which can save you from feeling unpleasant weight and moisture on your back. Overall, a backpack rain cover enhances the durability and functionality of your backpack and is a must-have accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. It also protects the backpack from getting ruined due to water damage.

What size of backpack rain cover do I need?

The size of the backpack rain cover you need depends on the size and shape of your backpack. Most covers are adjustable and designed to fit various configurations and dimensions. You should refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart, which usually includes information about the dimensions of the cover and the corresponding backpack sizes it can accommodate. Some covers also have elastic loops that can be tightened around the backpack to provide a snug fit. It is typically recommended to choose a large enough cover that can accommodate your largest backpack, as it will be usable for smaller backpacks as well.

Measuring your backpack is a good technique to ensure the right size. Simply measure the height, width, and depth, and then compare these dimensions with the rain cover’s chart. If your backpack falls in the middle of two size ranges, it’s usually better to choose the larger size to ensure a good fit and adequate protection.


Which features should I look for in a backpack rain cover?

When choosing a backpack rain cover, several features can influence its overall quality and performance. Some key aspects to consider are the material, design, and any additional features. The material should be breathable and waterproof, offering good protection against rain and moisture without trapping heat or moisture inside the backpack. The design should allow for easy installation and removal while maintaining proper fit. The cover should also be adjustable to accommodate different backpack shapes and sizes.

Additional features can enhance the user experience and the cover’s functionality, such as windproof, UV protection, or a reflective strip for visibility at night. It’s also worth considering the ease of cleaning and storage, as a backpack rain cover that is not complicated to maintain and put away will make your outdoor adventures more convenient.

How do I use a backpack rain cover?

Using a backpack rain cover is straightforward and should not require any special skills. First, make sure your backpack is clean and dry before installing the cover. This helps maintain a snug and waterproof fit. Next, attach the cover’s straps or loops around your backpack, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves placing one strap above the backpack’s peak and the other below the base, and then using additional straps or loops to secure the rain cover around the backpack.

Make sure the cover fits tightly around the backpack, with no gaps or loose areas, to ensure optimal protection. Some covers may also come with a toggle that can be used to tighten the cover around the backpack, providing a more secure fit. Once installed, the cover should protect your backpack from rain, water, and other elements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities with peace of mind.


How should I maintain a backpack rain cover?

To maintain the performance and longevity of your backpack rain cover, you should clean it regularly and store it properly. Most covers are machine-washable, but it’s always a good idea to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning instructions. This will help prevent damage to the cover’s waterproof properties. If your cover does not specify washing instructions, you can usually hand wash it using a gentle soap and cold water.

When storing the rain cover, make sure it is fully dried before packing it away. This will prevent the possibility of mold or mildew growth and ensure that the cover is ready for use when you need it. Storing the cover in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, will also help extend its lifespan. By following these simple maintenance steps, you can ensure that your backpack rain cover remains in top condition and provides reliable protection for your gear.

Are backpack rain covers durable?

High-quality backpack rain covers are typically very durable and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. They are made from sturdy and waterproof materials, such as nylon, polyester, or PVC, that are resistant to tearing, stretching, and other damage. The covers also often feature reinforced seams and edges, which further improve their durability.

To ensure the durability of your backpack rain cover, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and storage. Regular cleaning helps remove dirt, dust, and other particles that can abrade the material, while proper storage prevents exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight, which can cause damage over time. By taking good care of your backpack rain cover, you can expect it to last for many years and provide reliable protection for your gear.